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Tuesday, Febr 19

5pm CEST (Berlin), 11am EST (New York), Duration: 30-45 minutes

A custom Gantt chart with AL-API for your ISV solution


This medium-level webinar addresses developers who work on an ISV solution for Business Central and require a Gantt chart / interactive planning board.

We built a base technology with which we can effectively develop a custom visual scheduling client control add-in that integrates into your ISV solution, understands your business logic and has an API that you communicate with via AL.

In this webinar, we'll introduce this concept, show examples of such custom client control add-ins, discuss use cases and also the engagement model. 


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Thursday, March 14

5pm CEST (Berlin), 11am EST (New York), Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Releasing the Visual Resource Viewer for D365 Business Central
... and what comes next


This beginner-level webinar introduces the Visual Resource Viewer (app) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and sheds a light on our next steps with respect to Business Central.

The Visual Resource Viewer (VRV) is a visual scheduling extension for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365. It provides an integrated view on resources and their allocations from jobs, services, assembly and absence.

This webinar shows how the VRV works and what partners and customers can achieve with it. It also sheds a light on where we are with our Visual Production Scheduler, our Visual Jobs Scheduler and our Visual Service Scheduler for D365 Business Central.

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