HTML5/JavaScript Gantt Widgets

Webinar 20. März 2019 Leistungsstarke HTML5/JavaScript Gantt Charts für Ihre Anwendung
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Our offer for you

Don't miss out on a NETRONIC Gantt chart when developing a browser-capable software solution. Together with you, we will build a matching Gantt widget instead of a Gantt control, the widget visualizing your data in form of an interactive, intelligent planning board. 

HTML5/JavaScript Gantt Chart with lots of benefits

  • The planning board can be easily accessed by API
  • You stay flexible and can make modifications
  • You gain “time-to-market” or “time-to-value”, respectively.
  • You benefit from our decades of experience in designing user-friendly visual planning board. 

 Discuss with us the design and functionality of the  HTML5/JavaScript Gantt Chart for your scheduling solution. 

The webinar is structured as follows:

  • Technical part: explanation of the architecture and the data model of your HTML5 Gantt widget and its advantages over classic developer components like VARCHART XGantt/JGantt

  • Practical part: presentation of practical examples, demonstrating the functionalities and options of tailor-made widgets.

  • Sales part: explanation of the business and pricing model.