Manufacturing execution for strip material production

iGA-MES-Qualittsprfung.pngNETRONIC has taken over the MES iGA which is a proven manufacturing execution software (MES) for strip material manufacturers, and hence can now offer manufacturing execution solutions based on a strong product foundation. These solutions build the bridge between administration/ planning and production and will significantly increase your ERP's value.


What will you get from 60 minutes online demo?

Save time for a lengthy workshop, which other vendors might require and charge. We love efficiency gains provided by software, and prefer to also act efficiently.

Win a first solid impression of the MES iGA und how you can effectively and yet individually tailored close the gap between your planning system and manufacturing control.  


  • is focused on the requirements of strip material producers (paper, paper finishing, nonwovens, plastic foils)
  • combines quality control and plant data capture
  • connects the shop-floor and your ERP

Do not wast time. Request a non-binding online demonstration, and discuss your manufacturing execution software requirements with us. After that, you can decide if an on-site workshop would be the appropriate next setp.

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