Chasing efficiency with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS) for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Free eBook for manufacturing planners, project managers, Microsoft Dynamics consultant and anyone looking to enhance their Dynamics 365 Business Central user experience with finite capacity scheduling


VAPS eBook

The purpose of this 47-pages eBook is to cover the frequent answered questions and additional explanations for how to make the best out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

This eBook provides you with ideas and best practices on how to apply both drag & drop visual scheduling and finite capacity scheduling to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Here is the structure of the eBook:

  • Why did we build the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (and makes us qualified to develop it)?
  • What is the VAPS in essence?
  • What makes the VAPS advanced (compared to standard Business Central manufacturing)
  • How does the VAPS support users in mastering various scheduling challenges?
  • What are the biggest benefits working with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler?
  • What are similarities and differences between Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) and Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS)?
  • What are the basis of finite capacity scheduling?
  • Where can I (even) learn more about this?

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